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Tag: Chookiat Sakveerakul

Home: Love, Solitude, and Spirituality

I can’t remember exactly when the last time I watched a Thai film in theatre was. If my writings accurately tracked my film-watching history, the last Thai film I saw before yesterday would be Love, Not Yet, back in September 2011.

The film I watched yesterday was Home: Khwam Rak, Khwam Suk, Khwam Song Cham (lit. Home: Love, Happiness, Memory). It is the latest feature film by Chookiat “Ma-Deaw” Sakveerakul, the director of The Love of Siam. I didn’t really pay attention to Home’s promotional media, couldn’t even remember seeing the trailer. Yet, I got the theme that it wouldn’t be just another featherweight teen love film. The most important driving factor, though, was the fact that it was Chookiat’s film. Apart from The Love of Siam, his only other work I saw was 4 Romances (Fan Wan Ai Chup), in which he directed a short film in the four-short-film project. I don’t watch horror films, so the rest of his works are pretty much ruled out for me. Still, I had a feeling that Chookiat’s film would go well with my taste.

Well, I wasn’t really wrong. It was worth my time. I’m still not sure if it would have a chance to go into the list of my all-time favourites, but at least I feel it’s “about right”.