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My 250 THB Bluetooth Solution

There is one bad thing about using Ubuntu on my Toshiba laptop – built-in Bluetooth hardware simply doesn’t work.

Try google ‘Toshiba Bluetooth Ubuntu’ you will see. Of course there are some solutions available, however, most solutions available date back to 2006, two years before my first Ubuntu experience. I tried some, including the toshset solution, but, as a good economics major, I didn’t understand at all what I was doing, and I couldn’t get it work for me.

To be frank, I am not even sure if I get the problem right. From what I understand, the built-in Bluetooth equipment is off by default, and it could be turned on using certain type of call deep down. (Sounds very ungeeky, huh?) On Windows, Toshiba provides a piece of software to do the job. On Linux, you can guess.

I couldn’t find anyone to help me. Well, I didn’t really try that hard, but I imagined the rate of success wouldn’t be that high so I didn’t really try. Basically I just gave up using Bluetooth, since I didn’t really use it much anyway. Other possible solutions would be buy a new laptop or migrate back to Windows, something I don’t see coming in the near future.

However, Bluetooth can still be very useful, especially when connecting my phone to my laptop. Using the cable can be very annoying. PC Suite does not work on Linux, so I can only access the mass storage, i.e. the memory card, but not the phone memory. And there have been some problems connecting to the memory card via cable as well. So I finally decided that I must get Bluetooth on my laptop. Here it is.

I know it’s very pathetic. Who would use this kind of stuff on their laptop anymore? But at least it works for me for the time being. (Also, I get it right now because I am not sure if I can get one for 8 CAD in Ottawa.)

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