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Trust (2010)

A few weeks ago, I dedicated my spare time in the whole afternoon to two films at Lido. It had been one month from my last visit to a cinema (which was also Lido). That doesn’t sound long, actually perfectly normal to my usual life, but somehow I feel that I need to go for some movies, especially when there are some I want to see.

The first film I saw was Trust, and another one was Love, Not Yet. Even though the two films are of quite different genres, they are somewhat related, as they both involve teen and sex. One of them focus on teen pregnancy, and the other on teen girl tricked into sexual abuse. As the title of this entry suggests, I’m going to talk about Trust here. As for Love, Not Yet, I’ve written something about it on SEA Youth Say So, although it’s more like an introduction for non-Thai audience.

The plot of Trust is nothing complex. Nothing much to guess about what to happen. A fourteen-year-old girl is in need of acceptance. She got into this relationship with some boy online, who turned out to be older and older than she thought as the relationship progressed. What’s important in this film is the dealing with the aftermath, especially emotionally.

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My Festival du nouveau cinéma to-see candidates

Thanks to the lovely break at the end of this month, now I can go to Montréal during the last few days of Festival du nouveau cinéma. My friends and I book a package for the festival at Auberge Alternative, which offers a pretty good deal. The package includes 3 tickets to see the films of our choice, except the opening and closing nights. So I am making a list of what I might see, given my arrival on 22 October.

More details on each film can be found on the festival’s website. Just search with the title. Comments and suggestions are really welcomed.

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