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Finland: Land of Angry Birds?

Having been an exchange student (in lukio level) in Finland, I have some ideas about how people around here perceive about this Nordic country, from comments or questions I got over the years.

They usually know that Finland is cold. Some of them think Finland has a beautiful nature. (Well, that’s kinda true. I like Finnish landscape.) Some touristic features about Finland are the midnight sun and Santa Claus.

But that may have changed a little bit.

Kasikorn Bank, who has struck a deal with Rovio to issue Angry Birds-themed debit cards and passbooks, are running a campaign on its Facebook page. I believe there is some kind of a game, and the prize is a free visit to Finland. What I find very interesting about it is the description of Finland in the promotional media. “Finland. Land of the Midnight sun. Home of Angry Birds.”

Now Angry Birds have reached the iconic status, that visiting its home country can be a tourist selling point. Like going to Austria for home of Mozart or location of The Sound of Music. How many computer games can do this?

Sometimes it’s kinda funny to think about what Finland is famous for. Santa Claus, heavy metal bands, and now, Angry Birds.

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  1. I think it’s rather fitting that this occurred close to Nokia’s being toppled as the No 1 mobile phone maker.

  2. where’s Nokia ^^’

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