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My Festival du nouveau cinéma to-see candidates

Thanks to the lovely break at the end of this month, now I can go to Montréal during the last few days of Festival du nouveau cinéma. My friends and I book a package for the festival at Auberge Alternative, which offers a pretty good deal. The package includes 3 tickets to see the films of our choice, except the opening and closing nights. So I am making a list of what I might see, given my arrival on 22 October.

More details on each film can be found on the festival’s website. Just search with the title. Comments and suggestions are really welcomed.

Most likely:

  • The Ditch
    France – Belgium / Chinese / labour camp, communist, 1950s
  • The Sleeping Beauty
    France / French – Russian / fairy tale, adaptation

Somewhat likely:

  • The Heart of Auschwitz
    Canada / English / WWII, Auschwitz
  • As a Young Girl of Thirteen
    France / French / WWII, Auschwitz
    (Well, I will probably choose one of the two.)
  • Monsters
    United Kingdom / English / sci-fi, Mexico, quarantine
  • Moomins and the Comet Chase
    Finland / English / Moomins!!!!!!!
  • Another Year
    United Kingdom / English / drama, family, couple
  • The Illusionist
    United Kingdom / No dialogue / animation

Interesting, but probably not:

  • Mamas and Papas
  • Dirty Diaries
    (“feminist porn”)
  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
    (Well, I have seen this in Bangkok already.)
  • The Headless Family

Want to see, but cannot:

  • Confessions
    This looks really interesting, but it is shown before I arrive. Too bad.

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  1. I would watch the 2 WWII ones, but that’s because I am a ridiculous WWII history buff like that.

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