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From the day it began

All of us had a great fun

Remember the time on this land

Every great thing we’ve done

With all good memories

Eternally friendship stays

Lies ahead, your golden dreams

Looking back, your golden days

This was a poem I wrote when, if I remember correctly, a friend was leaving Finland. She was a semester student, which means she stayed only half year. I was cleaning up the mess when I found this. It was only a draft paper, and I don’t know if it was exactly what I wrote to her. I put it here so that in case the paper is lost, I’d have this in my blog.

Well, it’s obviously not a good poem. Just live with it.

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  1. natthita natthita

    ^^ I think it’s just great to keep the memories lingering in your mind naja…

    At least, you have the evidence to remind you of what you’ve done na.. =D

    I wish I have that kind of ‘thing’, too, but unfortunately, I don’t even have one. Great memories sticks in the deepest of my heart but bad memories keep flashing up over and over again. Still, I have to live with it. What a sad story ner..

  2. ginnie ginnie

    beautiful ^___________^

  3. ไม่เคยแต่งกลอนภาษาอังกฤษแฮะ


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